Friday, August 29, 2008

How to Insert and activate Forex Automate System

How to Insert and activate an EA ?

This should be done in a demo account only. Use at your own risk.

1. Make sure that the Expert is in the right folder c drive > your Metatrader > experts

2. Make sure that you have the indicator and or indicators that go with it and that they are in the right folder too. c drive > your Metatrader > experts > indicators

3. Now that each of these is in the right folder open metaeditor. Make sure they are compiled by opening each one at a time and clicking compile (mt4) verify (mt3). They should compile with no errors, can have warnings but no errors if they do, repost to the group.

4. Close the metaeditor if open

5 At the top of the screen you have File > View > Insert > Charts > Select Tools select Options .

6. In options tab Server > Charts > Objects > Trade > Expert Advisors select Expert Advisors

7. Make sure that Enable Expert Advisors and Allow live trading have check marks in the boxes click your mouse in the box. Close this by clicking OK.

8. In the navigator box find your expert click on it. Under common click on allow live trading then click on ok.

9. Make sure that it is on the right time frame.

If it will trade it should trade now.

But you must remember that a EA only trades according to a set of rules being met not because it looks like a good trade. Depending on the expert it could take a week or a second or two only make one or two trades. Quality is what we seek first then quantity. So if your expert makes 5 trades that all lose vs a expert that only makes 1 and wins.

If you continue having problems post again someone should help you.


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irving said...

Cool thanks for heads up! I am also using this system and it's really convenient and easy to have this system around.

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